Creating a numerical comparison eye-tracking task

I am having trouble creating a numerical comparison eye-tracking task. I would like for each trial to start with a fixation cross in the middle of the screen, followed by the presentation of the stimulus as shown in the attached image. The numbers are not appearing on the screen. Is the way I have the information organized on the Excel file the issue? I am not sure how to include the fixation cross on each trial. I am using PsychoPy version 2022.2.1 and will be using the tobii pro spectrum eye-tracker. Any help will be appreciated.

numbers.xlsx (19.8 KB)
NCT_Test_2.psyexp (31.8 KB)

Hello Carolina

for your purposes you need three text-components to display the fixation cross, the left and the right number. In addition, you need to set text-stimulus property of the left and right number to set every repeat.

In your trial-routine you don’t present the fixation-cross at all. You could add a text-component for the fixation-cross, then later in the same routine have the two text-components start along with the reaction-time measurement.

Note that if you add the fixation-cross presentation time before and after the numbers, it will be the same as having a fixation-cross before and after the stimuli, except for the first presentation.

Alternatively, add a routine with the fixation-cross following the stimuli-presentation.

Best wishes Jens

I am new to Psychopy so I am really thankful for your help! I decided to go with your suggestion to add a routine with the fixation cross following the stimuli. I am trying to test it in mouse gaze mode but I am just getting a gray screen. Is there something wrong with the way I set up my experiment?
NCT_Test_4.psyexp (32.2 KB)

Hello Carolina

I deleted the eye-tracking and instruction routines from your experiment for testing. Does this toy-example do what you want?

NCT_Test_4.psyexp (22.7 KB)

BTW, your stimuli1 and stimuli2 aka Target1 and Target2 appear on the same location. You have to find values that suit your case. See Layout, Poistion [x, y].


Best wishes Jens

Yes, thank you! To set up my regions of interest, I would have to insert the Region of Interest component in the trial routine before the presentation of the targets, is that correct?

Hello Carolina,

sorry, bit I do not use PsychoPy for eye-tracking experiments. So, I do not know how to program that in PsychoPy but you find the relevant information here

Best wishes Jens