Stimulus to follow fixation cross at the same position

I have an eye tracking experiment where single sentences appear on the screen in a single horizontal row. They are different lengths. I’m trying to get the fixation cross to appear at the same spot where the middle (or beginning, whichever is possible) of the first word of the following sentence will appear. This way people will always start fixations from the first word instead of chasing it on the screen.

I tried left/right aligning both cross and sentences, but they kept appearing in different parts of the screen.
I work with Eyelink 1000plus

Are both your fixation cross and text to read Text components or Textbox components? If so you could set the position and size of the fixation cross to be $readingStim.position and $readingStim.size (with readingStim being the name of your other stimulus) respectively, so long as both of these are set to Update each frame then your cross should be in the exact same place as your text. Textbox may be better suited to this than Text as you can define the full extent of the box as well as alignment.

I wrote the entire experiment in python, I didn’t use Psychopy standalone, so I don’t have Text/Textbox components.
After your reply I went back to the script, and realized I didn’t define wrapWidth for the fixation cross, while for the stimuli it was defined all the time.
So now it works perfectly, it was a silly oversight in the end.
Thanks for inspiration!

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