Fixation cross (+) in Psychopy

Hey y’all,

I’ve asked that before, but the answer wasn’t quite clear, so I’ll try and ask one more time to see if I can solve my problem.

I am trying to add a fixation cross (+) in-between each stimulus, but I could not do this yet. The stimuli have to be randomized, but the fixation crosses have to be in-between each of the stimuli. I already consulted the book/manual, but could not find anything specific. If anyone can tell at least the page or chapter where this is exposedly covered I will be thankful.


Assuming that you are randomising the stimuli using a loop then you can add a fixation cross before each stimulus either by having a fixation routine (before the trial routine but within the loop) or having a fixation cross as an element within the trial routine and starting the stimuli at a number of seconds equal to the length of the fixation.

The fixation cross itself can either be a text component containing a + or a polygon component.