Control over participant data stored in Pavlovia database

Dear all,

when storing participant data in the database (instead of storing it in the project repository), would it be possible to add a feature that lets us delete all data in the database without deleting the project?

I know privacy and safety is a big concern for you but I’m asking since the ethics and data protection people might not like participant data being stored on ‘third-party’ servers.

Ultimately, it would be great if there was a way to automate this process: mirror participant data locally and have it deleted from the Pavlovia database in a set interval.

Yes, actually I was coming to the same conclusion that we could provide a method for data to be auto-forwarded to an alternate server. Some people (e.g. Germany and Canada) are apparently not permitted to store data outside their countries at all.

@apitiot this is definitely something we should think about - providing a installable server option that would receive data from Pavlovia rather than Pavlovia using a mongodb or csv file

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