Control cursor settings in Pavlovia

Apologies if there is information on this somewhere, but I was struggling to locate this.

I am wondering whether cursor/mouse settings will/can be controlled in Pavlovia? For example, if participants have different cursor speed settings, click feedback etc. on their computers, will Pavlovia be able to ensure cursor speed is controlled across participants?

In particular, one of the things I want to measure is time to click a target. But if some participants have a faster speed setting for their cursor, this will likely affect the results.

Any advice appreciated!

Hi There,

We are limited with what aspects of the cursor we can control in browsers, as far as I am aware cursor speed is not something we would be able to control. I understand your concern though, perhaps it would be wise to add something to your instructions on cursor speed settings? or is it possible to use relative RTs rather than absolute, by comparing conditions, so that each participants RT is corrected to their own baseline?


Hi Becca,

Thanks so much for your advice, that’s good to know. Those sound like possible work-arounds!