Configuring start window and downloading movie data

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: Hi, I have set up a very simple task that collects button responses during a movie. Most things works fine, but I had a question about the info dialog:

  1. I do not necessarily want to show the info dialog as I don’t need any input there. I have the following settings in psychopy:
    However, when I pilot the study some minimal window still shows up:
    Is there any way not to show this at all? If it has to be shown, where do I change the label ‘untitled’?

By the way, is this shown because I have a movie file that has to be downloaded?

I would appreciate any help on this.


Hi Max,

This dialogue box is always shown, even if the experiment has nothing to download. I think you might be able to hide it, but I wouldn’t recommend it for two reasons:

  1. You’d need to do some funky coding, which can make it more difficult to change or update your experiment later on.
  2. Downloading video can take a while on slower connections; showing some kind of progress bar assures your participants everything is going as it should.

About your other question. I think the title of the dialog box is based on the file name of your experiment (the .psyexp file)

Best, Thomas

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Thanks, that makes sense. In that case I can make it more informative so people know what they are waiting for.

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