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Completely different Scales in Online Study

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: When I run my Study offline everything looks good.

But if I try to run the Study online this happens:

This is how I created the sliders:

Yes, the issue is that getting alignment right across devices and different rendering methods is just hard! But the scales do look badly labelled here.

Will see what’s going wrong

Did you find anything out?

I think it’s very weird tbh that the scales are this different. I don’t know how I could possibly figure out a way to have it look ok on all devices if there is this big of a discrepancy.

It’s also weird because it works for the Text and Picture but only the scales are a mess.

I think I am experiencing a quite similar problem - when I run my Study offline everything looks good

But if I try to run the Study via Pavlovia everything is rescaled.

Windows size [1280, 720] is not editable in Bilder → Experiment Setting → Screen,
so I do not have an idea how to solve the issue.

Any idea how to solve it?

Hi @Lukamark what screen units are you using for your experiment?

Do you mean how I position the elements on the screen? By X,Y coordinates between [-1,1] through [0,0] to [1,-1]

No, I was just checking what screen units you have been using

I do not think it is relevant, but it could actually be a source of difference if you are using units that are not supported online e.g., visual degree units are converted to height units. I think this related to something else that Jon was looking in to.

Hi, was this solved? I encountered an issue may be related.
Here is my setting for instruction
this is what I get locally

this is what I get on pavlovia

image sizes are consistent though

I’m having the same problem as @Lukamark.

Everything scales up for me. My units are in pixels. My Desktop looks like this:

But online it looks like this:

I fixed it by changing everything over to height. If I try changing something back to pixels or creating something new in pixels, it scales that particular thing up again online.

Norm also worked for me, but is harder to transfer pixels to norm than pixels to height.

I’ve just posted the same problem in another thread, but I think it fits better in here.
Is there anything new about the topic?