Unknown target units: cm

I am new to pavlovia and psychopy3 so I don’t know where to find the url of the experiment. Sorry.
URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
I have built a task in the builder mode and it works perfectly fine and I managed to upload it onto pavlovia. When I try to run the task, I get this error:

My image component in builder mode is like this:

Does this mean that my image cannot be in cm units then?

Many thanks in advance!

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Hi @suelynnmah, which version of PsychoPy are you using?

it is v3.1.5

Yes, we don’t support cm for online studies at the moment. Without knowing the resolution/size of the participant’s device it doesn’t seem sensible to enable that type of unit. On your local machine that only works because you tell PsychoPy how many cm/pixels wide your screen is

What units is workable for the online version then?

For online studies, you can use the following units:

  • Pixels
  • Height
  • Norm

We recommend the use of height units because of the sizing will be made relative to the screen height, which may vary across devices. This also applies to Norm units.

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I had the same issue, so I changed the unit in psychopy, updated Pavlovia, but I’m still getting the same error. Any idea why that is?

It could be that you need to refresh your browser cache to get the up to date code, or that there is another component in your task using cm, or that the compiler failed due to an error and the new code was not pushed to Pavlovia.

Is it possible that I’m using different sizes for the same experiment? I thought you can only change it at a general level for all components (or at least that’s what I thought I did).

That’s possible; in the settings of a visual stimulus you can have its units inherit from the experiment settings or specify different units

You could search your js file for cm

I checked and they are all set to “from exp settings”.
I also emptied the browser cache.
Any other suggestions come to mind?

Will do.
But it’s still not clear to me how to implement and sync changes to the .js file.

We recommend you don’t change the JS file, but inspecting the JS file can be useful to debug your experiment