Collecting participants' emails for longitudinal testing and lottery


How can I collect participants’ emails for longitudinal testing and lottery so that they are collected separately from the Subject ID like in surveys (SoSci for instance). Thanks!

You may be able to use a GUI object, or make it part of the participant info. See here: Fail to pass url parameters

However, your recruitment platform (Prolific, MTurk, etc.) might offer you a better solution. For example, if you are using MTurk, you can contact all workers who participated in a given study, or create qualifications such that only those who participated in one study can participate in another. CloudResearch, which acts as a sort of add-on for MTurk, can automate this.

Thank you, Jonathan!

If I make it as user’s info, it can track back which user has which email. The idea is that they are collected in a separate document. We are offering the link without any data collection platform, unfortunately.

You might just be fine adding a link to a google form at the end of the study, then. I’m not sure if using HTML syntax in a textstim object would work, but if you just put the URL for the google form that would probably get the job done. Generally speaking, anything PsychoPy records it’s going to want to put in one data file, so making a separate document would probably be more trouble than its worth.

Many thanks! Yes, I have come up with a solution of redirecting participants to SoSci :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

hello, could I ask what this solution was?

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Hi! WE decided to redirect participants to a SoSci form. In pilot it works, let’s see if it will really work :slight_smile: