Collecting extra information from the user


How can I collect extra information from the user?

I can’t seem to override the dictionary to create my own list of user values that I can collect information from the user.
I put the below info in the “Before Experiment” and also the “Begin Experiment” section but when I run the experiment online, ‘extrainfo’ never shows up under participant and session variables when the experiment starts up. I see now ‘extrainfo’.

// store info about the experiment session:
let expName = ‘myExperiment’; // from the Builder filename that created this script
let expInfo = {‘participant’: ‘’, ‘session’: ‘001’, ‘extrainfo’:‘someDefaultValue’};

// schedule the experiment:
dictionary: expInfo,
title: expName

*I see NO ‘extrainfo’.

You should be making the changes in Experiment Settings in Builder.

yes, found it. thanks.

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