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Clickable text alternatives in online experiments

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
I’m trying to create questions testing participants understandings with multiple clickable text alternatives. The code can work for the Builder version, but when I transferred it to the javascript one, I cannot proceed the page after I click any of those text alternatives.

Here is one example of code.

Anyone have any ideas? Many thanks in advance!

Hi @sean0820

Clickable text issue has been raised on GitHub, and we are awaiting a fix.In the meantime, a workaround will be to have rectangles (polygons the same colour as background) underneath the text, and test whether those rectangles contain the mouse click.

Hi @dvbridges

Thanks for your reply. Sorry for asking a dumb question, but could you please give some clues about how to make the shape crystal so that the text will be displayed normally? Thanks!

@sean0820, apologies but I am not sure what you mean by “how to make the shape crystal so that the text will be displayed normally”.

Hi @dvbridges, sorry for the ambiguity. I initially added the same colour rectangles but it overlaid the text. but now I changed the order of text and rectangles, and it works now. Many thanks!