Chronos button box compatibility (& foot pedals)

Hi there,

I’m having a lot of trouble trying to use a Chronos button box with foot pedals for PsychoPy. This box was designed to be compatible with e-prime.

Does anyone know:
A) If it’s possible to make this work through the builder mode rather than writing a bunch of custom Python script to try to make it work in the coder view? The pedals connect to the Chronos box with a an I/O port but the Chronos button box connects to the computer with a USB. Right now the buttons on PsychoPy allow for Joy buttons, I/O lab, and Cedrus and the Chronos doesn’t count as any of those.

B) What foot pedals have you used that work with PsychoPy? Cedrus response box is compatible but it doesn’t appear to come with foot pedals to make responses with the feet rather than through a button box.