Checking Correct Monitor Is Being Used For Eyetracking ioHub experiment

I am running an eyetracking experiment using ioHub, and therefore the SRR_eyelink_std .yaml file to configure Eyelink to the Psychopy experiment. My question is about making sure that my eyetracker and psychopy are using the same monitor configurations.
On psychopy, I’ve specified my chosen monitor (which I named “Linux”) under “Exp Settings” and “Monitor Centre/Choose Monitor” (see picture 1)

In the .yaml file (see pic2), I’ve specified the very same settings under “physical dimensions, and psychopy_monitor_name (“Linux”). However, I’m not sure what I need to enter for the value “Display name” in the .yaml file – and am worried that not entering this correctly may cause problems. Should I enter “Linux” again under “Display name”, given this is the name I’ve given to Psychopy under “Choose Monitor”? Or, is the default entry “display” acceptable?

Many thanks,