Changing theme to HiVisDark on v2022.2.2 causes crash on Mac

Switching the theme to HiVisDark on PsychoPy v2022.2.2 seems to cause a crash. I had to remove the UserPrefs.cfg file in the .psychopy3 folder to get PsychoPy to start working again. Not sure if this issue is specific to this theme or Mac.

Thanks for flagging this up, I’ll look into why that might be! Usually when changing a theme causes a crash it’s to do with the icons used, but HiVisDark uses the same icons as PsychopyDark, so does setting the theme to PsychopyDark also cause this?

Yep, Dark and MinimalDark also result in a crash. Sounds great thank you!

In that case I’d wager it’s something to do with the icons - I wonder if it’s to do with retina displays… Could be that it’s looking for an @2x version of a particular icon (as retina screens need all pixel sizes to be doubled) and not finding it. What error message do you get when it crashes?