Changing status on Pavlovia to "Inactive" while sessions are ongoing

Possibly a silly question, but: If I want to change the status of an experiment from “Running” to “Inactive” to prevent any new sessions from starting, and I make this change while there are still incomplete sessions ongoing, could this cause any problems for those incomplete sessions (e.g., somehow prevent the data from being saved)?

Hello @ps2,

I am afraid that if you change the experiment status while some participants are still running your experiment then their data will be not be saved and they will get an error message informing them that the experiment is not running.
As a matter of fact, I will be pushing new versions of the dashboard in the coming weeks, which will give you a more real-time overview of your currently running sessions. That should make it possible for you to check whether anyone is running your experiment before changing its status.
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Thanks, I appreciate the information.