Not ending the experiment properly

My experiment is not generating csv file only making log file. I am using new 2021 version psychopy. experiment is not ending properly. when I end the experiment in between pressing the escape key then it generates csv file but not when I run the whole experiment,.

Are you running this locally or online?

Online you only get log files if you are saving to database.

I am running it offline. now it is ending but not generating civ file and excel file inside data folder instead getting saved outside in different name

Do you have "save csv file (trial-by-trial) and save log file ticked in Experiment Settings / Data ? Have you changed the default data file name from u'data/%s_%s_%s' % (expInfo['participant'], expName, expInfo['date'])?

no I haven’t changed all those things. I keep experimental settings . CSV file get save but not In the data folder and not in the participant name.