Can't push experiments to Pavlovia, here's the error message

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
This is the error message I get when trying to push a simple experiment to Pavlovia: does anyone have any idea what the problem is?
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/Applications/”, line 129, in onNew
File “/Applications/”, line 513, in syncProject
File “/Applications/”, line 96, in showCommitDialog
File “/Applications/”, line 902, in getChanges
File “/Applications/”, line 656, in untracked_files
File “/Applications/”, line 682, in _get_untracked_files
File “/Applications/”, line 333, in finalize_process
File “/Applications/”, line 415, in wait
git.exc.GitCommandError: Cmd(‘/Applications/’) failed due to: exit code(128)
cmdline: /Applications/ status —porcelain —untracked-files
stderr: ‘fatal: unable to read af0744ae0a655a95ccd696cb1dc27e7f120434b2