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Cannot sync or update original/duplicated psyexp file to Pavlovia

Description of the problem:

I have a relatively long and complex psychopy experiment that is currently working, and I am trying to create another version of the same experiment(just different stimuli and randomization). So I am using the same, already built psychopy builder file(.psyexp file) and editing it to become my new experiment. I have updated everything that is necessary(resources like stimuli, online experiment setting where the resources are called etc.) and the updated version works locally. However, I cannot seem to sync the study to pavlovia as a new study, rather it keeps trying to sync it as updates to the original study that’s already on Pavlovia. This is happening even though I have updated all online experiment settings, re- created the .py and .js files, the html folder, as well as changing the location and the local roots path of the new project. When I click on the globe icon in builder that is for “View details of this project”, I see that the details are still for the original experiment and not updated. I am not sure how I can update this, changing the local roots in this window has not helped either. This is causing not being able to create a new project on pavlovia. I know this can be done because my lab’s previous studies have been created from one original builder file.

Any pointers would be much appreciated. I am sorry that I don’t have an active url of the expeirment to share since it is not up yet. But I’d be happy to send over the .psyexp file if anyone would want to take a look.

If you really need a new experiment (personally I try to have similar experiments running with the same code modified on the fly) then it needs to be synced from a new clean empty folder.