Cannot launch my experiment, stuck on initialising experiment page

PsychoPy version: 2021.2.3

I have finished designing four of my experiments, and I want to upload them all to Pavlovia, but I got stuck on the initialising experiment page.

Here is one of the experiment links:

I am not sure where the problem is. It works fine on my computer locally.
Can someone help me please? Thank you very much!

I am not even sure if the link works. Please let me know if there is any info I need to provide!

You must have a syntax error.

Probably in your code components.

Are you importing any libraries like random or numpy?

Have a look at my crib sheet.

Thank you for replying!
Yes, I have imported random.
In your crib sheet, I see that don’t use random.seeds() , but my code looks like this:
import random
Is that a problem?

import doesn’t work online

My 2020 crib sheet and my code snippets page show a way of seeding online

Could you please share the link of how you solve this problem

Seed the Random Number Generator

Solution from Random Seeds, Coded Hints, and Quintillions

Add the following code to code_JS.

N.B. This code is “minified”. The full version (and any updates of this version) come from GitHub - davidbau/seedrandom: seeded random number generator for Javascript

If you seed using Math.seedrandom(“hello.”); the first two numbers generated by random() will be 0.9282578795792454 and then 0.3752569768646784.

seedString = Math.seedrandom(); will seed based on current time, dom state, and other accumulated local entropy. The seed generated is saved to seedString so you can restart the sequence using Math.seedrandom(seedString);

If you want to create random numbers with a custom seed without affecting Math.random, add var myrng = new Math.seedrandom(‘hello.’); to code_JS and then retrieve random numbers using myrng().

Python PsychoJS
!function(a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i){function j(a){var b,c=a.length,e=this,f=0,g=e.i=e.j=0,h=e.S=;for(c (a=[c++]);d>f;)h[f]=f++;for(f=0;d>f;f++)h[f]=h[g=s&g+a[f%c]+(b=h[f])],h[g]=b;(e.g=function(a){for(var b,c=0,f=e.i,g=e.j,h=e.S;a–;)b=h[f=s&f+1],c=cd+h[s&(h[f]=h[g=s&g+b])+(h[g]=b)];return e.i=f,e.j=g,c})(d)}function k(a,b){var c,d=[],e=typeof a;if(b&&“object”==e)for(c in a)try{d.push(k(a[c],b-1))}catch(f){}return d.length?d:“string”==e?a:a+"\0"}function l(a,b){for(var c,d=a+"",e=0;e<d.length;)b[s&e]=s&(c^=19b[s&e])+d.charCodeAt(e++);return n(b)}function m(c){try{return o?n(o.randomBytes(d)):(a.crypto.getRandomValues(c=new Uint8Array(d)),n(c))}catch(e){return[+new Date,a,(c=a.navigator)&&c.plugins,a.screen,n(b)]}}function n(a){return String.fromCharCode.apply(0,a)}var o,p=c.pow(d,e),q=c.pow(2,f),r=2*q,s=d-1,t=c[“seed”+i]=function(a,f,g){var h=;f=1==f?{entropy:!0}:f {};var o=l(k(f.entropy?[a,n(b)]:null==a?m():a,3),h),s=new j(h);return l(n(s.S),b),(f.pass g function(a,b,d){return d?(c[i]=a,b):a})(function(){for(var a=s.g(e),b=p,c=0;q>a;)a=(a+c)d,b=d,c=s.g(1);for(;a>=r;)a/=2,b/=2,c>>>=1;return(a+c)/b},o,"global"in f?};if(l(ci,b),g&&g.exports){g.exports=t;try{o=require(“crypto”)}catch(u){}}else h&&h.amd&&h(function(){return t})}(this,,Math,256,6,52,“object”==typeof module&&module,“function”==typeof define&&define,“random”);

seedString = Math.seedrandom();