Cannot Generate JS File with New Set of Images

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem: We are trying update our experiment to have a different set of images. Number of images are roughly the same. I’ve copied the project without the .git and .js files. Changed the images, when I tried to create project / sync, error appears saying that there is no such .js file. I am not sure what is going on could it be about the image files themselves or something else?

In short,

This works:
• Ran as administor
• Copied a working project, created project/synced it while only changing the stimuli, created .js files and a project online with no problem.

• Copied a working project, changed the stimuli, also changed the online resources from experiment settings, error appeared when synced saying that no such .js file.
• After the error it says to create a project, when click on ok, no .js files appear locally or online with the new project.
• No change in the section of code where resources are listed in a dictionary.

  • Projects do not have overlapping .git folders.
  • Experiment files and experiment names are different, no overlap over Pavlovia.

Another weird thing, in conditions where the error appears, 4-5 different command windows appear on top of each other and then error appears. When no errors, there is just one that blinks in and out and then successfully syncs.

Found a workaround, but experiment with new stimulus set still does not update js files automatically during sync (auto sync is active). I’ve followed the steps below to initially generate .js files, and when it stops to update .js files I’ve manually modified those locally.

  1. Copy experiment.
  2. Change image stimuli and sync/create new project.
  3. Add new spreadsheet for the new images and sync.
  4. Add new files to online resources and sync.
    — after this point sync does not update .js files anymore.
  5. Make changes in the .psyexp file’s code components.
  6. Copy those to both local .js files.
  7. Sync experiment.
    • Repeat steps 5, 6, and 7 whenever you want to make a change in JS code.

Note. This would work only with changes in JS code itself. Adding new components or modifying existing ones would be tricky. Because those are initialized and updated in various places in the .js scripts.

Hope this helps others.

Please let me know if there is a more straightforward solution.