Can not convert degree to pixel unit

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do not have any credits
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You can’t use degrees online.

Please do look at my crib sheet (see pinned post in the online category) for tips on how to create your experiment so it works online.

You can use my experiment screenscale to ask participants to resize an image of a credit card so you can make your stimuli sizes constant across devices. However for fixed angles you’d need to keep the distance to the screen constant or take it into account. It might also be possible to use screenscale but have the participants hold their credit card a fixed distance from their faces rather than on the screen.

I can understand that, the problem is I created the experiment using builder, I can’t find where’s the measurements are given in degrees so how can I change it?

Experiment Settings / Screen

I tried to change it here, still not working.

In pix units you will get an error if any of your sizes are less than.5

what is the recommended unit? also this time also I am not getting pixel error, but degree error

I’d recommend height

Please show your exact error message if you still get one