Can I remove or hide initial window of the experiment?

I am running an online experiment, and the first thing participants will see after the click the link will be the window with the id and session number. The fact that one just have to click “ok” is intuitive enough for me, but I would like to have the experiment without seeing that window, or without being able to change its numbers.

What will happen if two participants decide to change the id number and replace it with “1” for instance. Will the data of the first participant with id 1 will be overwritten by the next?

Data is also saved with the start time. Having the same participant number does not mean the data will be replaced.

One thing you can do is include a value for participant in the URL. I have created a couple of tools for this: (simple)


VESPR Study Portal (more complex)

Another possibility is to use some code which pushes the OK button automatically with the following code in Before Experiment

Before Experiment
var checkOK = setInterval(function() { //Use basic nested setInterval for Status check of dialog
    console.log("Check if DialogBox loaded");
   if (document.getElementById("progressMsg")) { //Wait for ProgressMsg to exist
        console.log("Dialogbox exists."); //Dialog Box Ready
      var statusText = document.getElementById("progressMsg").innerHTML; //get Status of ProgressMsg
      if(statusText == "all resources downloaded.") //If status is good. Go and let JS Click the button
      console.log("All resources were downloaded! Press Ok now...");
      document.getElementById("dialogOK").click(); // Click on the checkbox
}, 500); // check every 500ms

That worked great.

Thank you.