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Psychopy expirements fluctuate (work in one session and not the other one for no reason)

OS : win 10
PsychoPy version: 1.84.2
**Standard Standalone? : yes

I have experienced some fluctuation in the running of some of my experiments.

I have used a series of experiments that I created using the builder in a study conducted during august and everything worked perfectly fine.

During the beginning of October, I wanted to use the same experiments in an other study and they would not work (sometimes with an error message that never appeared in august, sometimes with no error message).

Today, I reruned the experiments and they were working perfectly fine…

I cannot give anymore details because this is happening in a random manner and on each of my experiments…

Is there a reason why I experience these fluctuations?

Thank you for your response!


Sorry, but we can’t suggest anything without more detail. At the least, please copy the complete error message next time one occurs.