Both the and programs with PsychoPy 2020.1.1 do not run properly

I noticed the problem with PsychoPy 2020.1.1 regarding Coder demo programs on Mac OS 10.14.6.

The shows FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘face.jpg’

and the does not make testData files with no errors.

It’s this issue redux: Working directory change with 2020.1 and later?

If you want a temporary fix, at the top of the file put the following two lines and it should work.

import os

Long term this either needs to be added to everything in PsychoPy that references a file in a local folder, or something about the way PsychoPy runs scripts needs to change.

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Thank you very much.
Your suggestions completely solved my problems.
But I request developers of Psychopy to make the programs work without modifications because the programs are demo inside Psychopy.

@jon and I are working on it, should be fixed in the next update:

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