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Blur the outer circumference of an aperture

Hi there,

I’m using a circular aperture to produce a window through a larger circular gratingstim.

I’d like to apply the same raised cosine mask to the inner circumference of the gratingstim (aka the outer circumference of the aperture) as I have to the outer circumference of the gratingstim. I’ve attached a screenshot - the red radialstim denotes where I’m trying to put the rasied cosine mask. Is there an easy way to do this with the built-in stimuli generation functions - or would I be better off writing my own code to accomplish this? I’m using Psychopy 3.




In case anyone has the same question!

Figured it out - easiest way was to draw a transparent grating (with edge blur) to replace the aperture. Draw the sinusoidal grating first, then draw the blur mask - flip.

All the best,