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Blank page after each trial on Pavlovia

URL of experiment: local_stop_make_sense.psyexp (17.2 KB)
online_stop_make_sense_2.psyexp (16.9 KB)

Description of the problem: Hi everyone, I am trying to upload my experiment on Pavlovia but it doesn’t run as planned or as it runs on laptop.

My experiment is bit of like self-paced reading experiment. Participants read a sentence on their own pace (phrase by phrase). If they think the sentence they have read makes sense, they press “k”, continue reading the rest; if they think the sentence doesn’t make sense any more, they press “d” , skip to the next one. So when the experiment runs, pressing “k”, phrases keep popping out until the sentence is completed, then next sentence starts. pressing "d’, the sentence participants are reading stops and move to the next.

I uploaded my experiment online, Pavlovia didn’t give any error reference. It seems the syntax is fine. But when keep pressing “k”, once one sentence finishes, a blank page appears on the screen, I have to press “d” to make the experiment move to the next sentence. The blank pages should not have been here. When this experiment runs locally, when keep pressing “k”, once a sentence finishes, next one should start.

Two versions of the experiment attached here. Local one runs OK, Online one runs into problems.

Personally think, the Java transferred from Python went wrong but I don’t know how to figure out. Thanks thousands of time in advance and very much appreciate your time and patience.

Thanks again

attached the key codes in Each Frame down here:

kb = psychoJS.eventManager.getKeys(timeStamped=True, keyList=['k','d','q'])
if len(kb) > 0:
    if 'k' or 'd' in kb[0]:
                # This is the trial onset.
            nextWord = word_list.pop()
        except IndexError:
            continueRoutine = False
    if 'q' in kb[0]:
    if 'd' in kb[0]:
         continueRoutine = False