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Blank interval not supported?

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: Using the Static Screen component to have a blank interval (ISI) between stimulus events. Just seems to get ignored in the online version although respected in the python desktop version. Does not matter whether times given in secs or by frames, synched to refresh, or other. The component is written into the .js file but apparently skipped when running. Using v. 2020.1.3 but also occurred with v 3.2.4.

Oh, I don’t think Static Components currently output any JavaScript code. Just add a stimus that never gets drawn (like a small box off the screen) with the duration that you want. Or set your stimuli to start not at the beginning of the Routine to introduce a blank

thank you. Your Option #2 will do here; perhaps I’ll use Option #1 only when really wanting to do something in the background during the ISI. Instructive to not get into habit of using the Static component needlessly