PsychoJS static period

Description of the problem: I’d like to include a delay period in my online experiment. In the offline version I could use clock.StaticPeriod( … ) to achive this, but as far as I can tell PsychoJS has no equivalent clock module and no equivalent StaticPeriod class. I’d love to be wrong though…

Can you direct me to the best way to have inter-trial intervals/delay periods in online PsychoJS experiments?


Hi Peter,

Yes you are correct static period doesn’t yet exist in PsychoJS unfortunately! - is it that you need that period for preloading or is it just that you need a pause of an ISI?


Hi Becca

I just need the pause between trials, I don’t need to be loading in any new resources or executing any code!

Thanks for helping out!


Oh fab ok that should be no problem then! I would say the easiest way is to just have a routine for your ISI that precedes your trial routine. The ISI would only need a placeholder stim like a textstim (the text field can be blank), if you need the duration to be random you could just use random() in the duration field like this or you could use a predetermined set of durations.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Becca,

Thats great, thanks!