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Black bar appears when using second monitor


I’ve been having an issue with a psychopy script that I’ve coded for someone else. The script works just fine when using mirrored displays, but when sending the program to a second display (not via mirroring), a black bar appears at the top of the screen and pushes the psychopy window downwards, cutting off the stimuli that appear on the bottom of the screen. All of the monitors in the setup are the same size (1920x1080). This happens in both fullscreen and non-fullscreen. I’ve attached a video of the issue. Does anyone have an idea about what could be causing this?

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Image from iOS2|video

Please could you check whether it happens in height, norm and pixel units?

I use pixel units, so it definitely happens with that. Also, this is the stimulus laptop being used: MacBook Pro 16-inch - Technical Specifications - Apple
It has retina display. I’ve read some posts about retina affecting scaling and such, but no cases like mine. Not sure if it’s relevant