BIOPAC digital inputs

To. Psychopy professionals


I want to run specific python code in psychopy in
order to send TTL signals to BIOPAC acquisition system.

This python codes involved in some methods of sending digital signals into BIOPAC.

How can I run python codes in psychopy?

Thank you.

Hi 1112.

Welcome to the forum. You’ve not been very clear about your needs here.

-1 What BIOPAC system? (This is just a trade name)
-2 What ttl device?
-3 What version of pschopy?
-4 What have you tried so far? Have you checked the documentation that came with the ttl device?
-5 What are you trying to achieve?

Please be specific since the forum is here to help with individual questions whereas the training workshops are more suitable for skilling up.

I’m sure someone will be able to help if you are clearer about what you are trying to achieve.