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Beta "Form" for psychopy 2020.2.2: Does it work on Pavlovia? Simplest version is stuck on Initializing

URL of experiment:

Now that Form components should work on Pavlovia with v2020.2.2, I’m testing them out. I created a very stripped down version of the BFI demo that uses Forms, where the only Form Types used is “rating” given the 2020.2.2 changelog.

Works fine on Builder, but on Pavlovia the experiment is stuck on initializing. I know Form components are still in Beta to work online, but it looks like even the simplest version of form isn’t working on Pavlovia yet? Is there an example of a exp that uses Form, that works on Pavlovia in v2020.2.2+?


Update that forms do not seem to work online on v2020.2.2, but a basic version does work on pavlovia in v2020.2.3.