Audio and video alignment issue in Pavlovia

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Hello! I am creating an experiment that utilizes videos, but am having an issue with the audio and video files not aligning/being in sync in Pavlovia. The audio and video are in sync in PsychoPy, but not in Pavlovia (you can see that speaker’s mouth is slightly off from the audio being played). The video files are in a .mp4 format, and the audio files are in a .mp3 format (and they are played simultaneously). Everything else is working perfectly in the experiment.

We have tried changing the backends for the movie (moviepy, ffpyplayer, opencv, vlc), but this did not make a difference for the timing. I have also tried downsampling the videos (changing the sampling rate to 44,100), changing the screen size, and tried using the ISI profile in PsychoPy. Using the audio directly from the video (instead of using a separate audio file that plays at the same time) also does not fix the issue.

I am running the experiment on a MacBook Pro with Ventura 13.1. I am using PsychoPy version 2022.2.5. I tried using the most updated version of Psychopy (2023.1.0), but started getting a different error message. It would not play the videos at all, and I got a reference error message saying that the movie was not defined (even though nothing in the experiment changed when the version was updated).

This is a small demo experiment (with only 4 videos) that I am using to troubleshoot a larger experiment (with more than 80 videos).

Thank you for your help in advance!