When a video is playing, the audio of another video appears

URL of experiment: Sign in · GitLab
PsychoPy version: 2021.2.3
Description of the problem:
In this experiment, there are 3 blocks and each block contains 6 video trials. After watching each video, participants will response to several ranking questions, and then they will watch the next video and repeat answering till the end.
When the experiment is piloting on the pavlovia, all videos (with audio) can work normally, but there is always an audio of a random video appearing simultaneously with all the next videos, from the time that video plays until the end of the entire experiment. Therefore, after that random video (not a specific video cuz the preserved audio is different every time) have played, participants will hear 2 audio (one is from the current playing video and the other is from the previously watched video) in every following video.
The sequence of all videos in one block is totally random and there is no defferent setting for videos in condition excels. The experiment can run correctly at the beginning (i.g. practice block) online and at the entire procedure offline.
I have tried to delete the experiment on pavlovia, then moved the experiment.py and all resources into another folder and uploaded/synced it again, but failed.
Any help would be hugely appreciated! Thank you!!

Hi there,

there were a fair ew bugs fixed relating to movies in the newer releases- what happens if you use a newer release of psychopy? (which will also use a newer version of psychojs under the hood for online use)