AttributeError: 'Window' object has no attribute '_progSignedTexFont'

OS: Windows 8.1 Enterprise
PsychoPy version: PsychoPy v2022.2.5
Standard Standalone?: Yes


I am trying to run 3 different PsychoPy experiments. They show text on the screen, get keyboard input, and send a trigger to a NIRx fNIRS device using LSL.

.psyexp files for the experiments work on my Macbook Air with Ventura 13.1 and other computers with Windows 10 but they don’t work on the computer where I will be running the experiment.

Every time I run the experiment, the screen turns black for a few seconds then I get the “AttributeError: ‘Window’ object has no attribute ‘_progSignedTexFont’” error.

Is this problem related to Windows 8.1 Enterprise? How can I solve this?

Thank you