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Attention Network task


I am trying to re-create the ANT task on psychoPy but woth fewer trials so that in total it lasts for 15 minutes as I will be combining it with two additional tasks. I have downloaded the resources although I am unsure as to how to build it. Does anyone have a link to a demo that could help with understanding how to construct it on PsychoPy? Thank you.

Hi There! I would recommend downloading the gitlab repository for the available online version in pavlovia

Hope this helps,


thank you but I need to re-create it with fewer trials I can only use the psychopy builder.

In this file there is a PsychoPy builder file

download the repository from the link and open the psyexp file in your builder :blush:

From there you can also adjust the number of trials

Hi Becca,

when using the builder, how would you go about reducing the number of time the stimulus is repeated? I am also trying to reduce the length of the task but still want the participants to see all the trials