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Production Time Task

I would like to know if there is any tutorial for configuring temporal tasks.
Specifically I need to run an experiment in which stimuli will be displayed in different intervals of seconds and at each view the participant should produce the estimated duration of the stimulus by pressing the “space” key.
All estimates need to be saved.
Thank you

This is really no different to collecting reaction times. e.g. display a visual cue indicating the start of the estimation period and at the same time, start a keyboard component to detect the space key. The reaction time collected and stored is equal to the estimated duration (subject to the usual caveats about the temporal precision and lag of keyboard responses).

Probably easiest to separate the initial stimulus display and the duration estimation task into different routines within the trial.

I’m sorry for the extremely begginner questions. This is my first experiment with psychopy. I am using the builder, I have three routines, the first with the instructions, the second with the display of the videos that are the stimuli and now I need to configure the temporal production task, in which the participants must press the space key during the time they estimate that the video has lasted (this is after the end of the video stimuli) I do not know how to do this, if I need to enter a code in this third routine or if it is possible to configure with the buider itself in the keyboard icon.

No, you don’t need any code, this is absolutely standard using the included Builder keyboard component. Just set it to force the end of the routine. The reaction time will be saved for you, and the next trial will then begin automatically.

I did this, but on the first try, when I press space to reproduce the time, before even releasing the key a new trial already starts