Answer processing problem in online(builder)

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Polygons have been appearing and disappearing in my online tests. and my polygons are not receiving a response.
How do I make this right?
The first image is the correct polygon names I set (corrans is the correct answer I set in excel), and the second image is the data file. I can’t receive response data in the data file.
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The mouse component does not have a Store correct parameter like the keyboard component, which does have a Store correct parameter. How do you determine the correctness of your answer? Do you use a code?

Best wishes Jens

I’m getting responses in code.
If the name of the mouse click was the same as ‘corrans’, I added the score to tccorr, and a text pops up saying “right.”


You define a list corrans in your condition file with two elements [‘corr’, ‘incorr’], [‘incorr’, ‘corr’4’] etc… mouse.clicked_name is also a list, but has only one element, namely the name of the polygon you selected, assuming you only allow one mouse click. So your if-condition will never be true. How many polygons do your participants select? One, two, or more.

If you want to check whether the participant has selected the “correct” polygon, you need to specify the “one” correct polygon in your condition and compare its value with the value of mouse.clicked_name[0].

if len(mouse_4.clicked_name)
    if tccorr == mouse_4.clicked_name[0]:
        tccorr += 1

I added the test if len(mouse_4.clicked_name) because otherwise the program would crash if I clicked outside the clickable stimuli.

Best wishes Jens