Mouse response outpu

Hi everyone
I have a problem with a mouse response output.
when we create a keyboard response in the builder, later we can have a column in the excel output file in which the correct and incorrect answers are rated 1 and 0. I need this column in my output, only I have a mouse response. My task consists of four different options that can be chosen by a mouse click. There is a polygon in the place of each option named A, B, C, and D. For each trial the task knows the correct answer (from an excel file) ($CorrAns column) but doesn’t create that 1 and 0 column of right and wrong answers. Instead, I have a column with the name of the chosen polygon (correct or incorrect). Any ideas on how to get it, anyone?

Hi there,

A similar Q was recently posted and I think that the response might also apply here :slight_smile: hope this helps,


Thanks a lot for your response!
I added the code but it still doesn’t work properly. It creates a column of 0 values regardless of the answer being right or wrong.
I’d appreciate it if you could help me more. I’m guessing my problem is in this line of the code:

trials.addData(‘correct’ , correct)

the first ‘correct’ will be the name of the new column, right?
what is the second one? where should I define it? I replaced it with CorrAns and it brought back the name of the clicked stimuli again. so I think if I fix this, my problem will be solved.
thanks again

hi there,

so the second value is the variable you are saving (in the original case if the ‘correct’ shape had been selected) you may need to adapt as you say for your correct answers list (CorrAns) - did you find that worked?