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Allowing Remote Access

I would like to allow participants to access my experiment from their computer at home. I’ve been practicing through various remote platforms. Unfortunately, although the participant is able to open the experiment, it is not recognizing their remote responses. Is there a way to allow access through an online platform? I really do not want to have to run it online through pavlovia. Thanks!

You could lead the participant through installing PsychoPy and running the experiment on their computer (via a Zoom call).

Thank you. That would be feasible if it were only 1 participant but I think too much (also considering they may have cognitive issues that may prevent them from doing so). Are you saying that if they do not have Psychopy it definitely is not feasible?

How are you planning to give participants remote access to your computer? What remote platforms have you tried? I’m not sure how this would be easier than getting them to install PsychoPy, since I assume that the remote access would need to be installed on the participant computer.

My feeling is that if this was easy, people would be doing it.

I have another study (not on Psychopy) in which I give over access via Zoom and/or GoogleMeet and they run through it as if it was their computer -no problem! Most people have these programs anyway and don’t have to install them. I was hoping that would work with my Psychopy experiment too, but although they can open the experiment it is not recognizing their responses.

I suspect that PsychoPy tries to get more direct access to the keyboard. Have you tried both mouse clicks and keyboard responses? Have you tried event.getKeys() as well as keyboard components?

No, I haven’t. Will try and see what happens. Thank you for the suggestions.

Hi @Oren1872 , did you manage to solve this issue? I have encountered a similar problem when remote sharing across Zoom (I have conducted two exps using OpenSesame before and have no come across this).

Basically, I can remote share with participants okay when they are using laptops/desktop. But it does not recognise “clicks” when they use a touchscreen device/phone. I have checked and my exp works okay with a touchscreen device (although I need to double tap to register a click). But when I am giving remote control to a touchscreen device over Zoom it does not seem to register clicks at all. Did you solve your issue or have any pointers for my problem? Thanks in advance!

No, I never resolved the issue with the “remote sharing” tool on Zoom. I had the same issue as you, participants could see the screen, but “clicks” were not recognized. But that was also the case for laptops and desktops. Instead, I moved the experiment to online through Pavlovia.

I’m having an issue collecting keyboard responses remotely as well. Strange thing is this works perfectly fine on an old version of Psychopy (1.90.3). On that version, I can allow remote access through WebEx, and it collects just fine. The problem is I’m being forced to upgrade to MacOS Big Sur, and Psycopy 1.90.3 is incompatible with that OS. Any ideas why remote collection would work on old versions of PsychoPy but not PsychoPy3?