Alert 4052: anomalies in experiment built in a past version of PsychoPy

Hi everyone,
I am writing to ask you for help regarding the 4052 error. I developed a task in December 2020 and currently I use it to collect the data of my experiment. On the PCs that I use for my experiment, I have a previous version of psychopy and I am not having any problems running the task. Today I tried to install the program on my personal pc and run the task. Error 4052 is reported to me but the task starts. During execution the stimuli disappear or the execution of the task is prolonged. In summary, the execution of the task is altered. Did any of you ever run a task built in a past version of PsychoPy (2020.2.8) on the current version of Psychopy? Have you had the same problem as me? I would like to understand if it is a problem with my personal pc or an incompatibility problem with the current version of Psychopy. How can I solve it?

Thank you in advance

Do you have code components?

The alert is to warn you that PsychoPy isn’t backwards compatible. If you save in a newer version you may not be able to take it back to an old version.

Some debugging may be needed so it depends whether you want newer features. I continued to use 2020.2.10 for around 6 months of 2021 until eventually moving to 2021.2.3.