Advice for saving participant data to MySQL database - JsPsych

Hello everyone! I would like to host a cognitive task written in JsPsych on Pavlovia.

The code uses the JsPsych library and PHP scripts for saving the data to a MySQL database installed on the sever hosting the project.

I am new to Pavlovia, but I am wondering if there are any options for saving to a MySQL database? And if the default Pavlovia database credentials are available somewhere (server name, username, password, DB name, table name)?

If that doesn’t work, the alternative for us would be to refactor the task code so that each participants trial saves to a CSV file in the repository. I am not too skilled with programming, so I am wondering if someone might be able to advise on any of this.

Thank you!

I believe this should be categorized under Online Experiments instead of Coding, as Coding is for PsychoPy.

If it helps, you can indicate on the Pavlovia Dashboard for your experiment that you want it to save to a database instead of CSV, but I am not sure what type of database it is.