Is data automatically saved with PsychoJs upon subject completion? How to check this before running study?

This is my first time using pavlovia and PsychJS so i want to be absolutely sure im doing things right.

I have it specified in my code to collect data throughout. I’ve done some trial runs of my experiment to get it to return the JSON output at the very end of the study with all of my data and it all looks good (of course i dont want this to be done when my study is actually completed, it instead redirects my participants back to Prolific).

I just want to make sure that there isnt anything else i would need to do when i run my study for real for it to store my participants’ data to my database.

Without using any credits, is there a way for me to confirm this with a trial run for my peace of mind?


When piloting the data is saved locally as a CSV file if CSV data is selected and JSON if database is selected. There isn’t a way to check exactly what will happen when the study is live without it being live. If you have checked the Prolific redirection then it certainly should work. However, your peace of mind is probably worth the 24p running the study once live would cost.

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I just did a run-through (by clicking on the url) and it doesn’t seem to have recognized that I did a run. Why might that be?

Do I have to do anything other than jsPsych.init() to record data from my participants? Or is the data automatically saved?

I think I sorted out my issue: I hadn’t used the jsPsych-pavlovia plugin.

That’s great news, since I can only really help with PsychoJS, not jsPsych.