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Adjusting location of routines in flow

This is a general question from a learner/new user of Psychopy. Very simply, sometimes I put elements in the wrong place in Flow/in a routine. For example, I might accidentally put a text component into the “instructions” routine when I wanted it in the “trials” section; or I might put a routine before another one when I intended to place it later. The question is, how can I adjust this after I made mistakes like this? I’ve found it easy to adjust the location of components within a single routine by moving them up or down, but I haven’t found a way to adjust the location of components placed in the wrong routine (copy/paste seems not to work) and there appears to be no option for moving routines to different locations in Flow. Am I missing something, or is this function not supported?


PsychoPy version (3.15):
**Standard Standalone? (y)

Hi @Peter_Thwaites, to copy and paste a component from one routine to another, try this:

  • Right click component to copy
  • Select copy
  • Go to destination routine
  • Press CTRL + ALT + V to paste or…
  • Go to Experiment menu, and select Paste Component