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Adding to stimulus options for online experiments - how to start?

Hi everyone -

We have some new lab volunteers that would like to start using the online PsychoJS web engine.

Specifically, they are interested in creating new stimuli to contribute to its functionality and run experiments. I haven’t used PsychoPy or the online builder much myself, but does anyone have recommendations on where they could start?

For example, if they want to create a new RDK stimulus that is compatible with the online builder, do they code this from scratch in javascript? Or should they start by coding something in Python? Just looking for advice to set them on the right path as they dig in.


There are two steps. We need the JavaScript code adding into PsychoJS and then the code to write the necessary calls into a script need adding to PsychoPy Builder.

Look at how this works for, say, TextStim first.

(for the RDKs I think writing the JavaScript code will be non-trivial. Are they very good programmers?)

They’ve done well coding things in javascript from scratch in the past, so I’m optimistic. :wink:

Thanks for the advice. I’ll have them use TextStim as a guide and see how it goes.