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Adding survey items to dot motion task


Is it possible to add survey items in Psychopy?
I am using the dot motion task, but need to add in survey items as well. The survey items and the dot motion task need to alternate.

I tried adding an item and a response scale, but the response scale had an issue with displaying the range of responses (it was a 6-item Likert scale). They were displayed on top of each other (issue with space??), and were therefore unreadable.

Furthermore, I wonder if it is possible to display several survey items on the screen at the same time, instead of them being displayed one by one (one item taking the whole screen).

Any tips or tutorials on this?

I run version 1.85.2 on Windows 10.

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Hey Sillsegg,

I’m having the same issue. Did you find a good resolution to this issue or a get a demo that worked for you? The demos I have viewed have either not worked at all or not been relevant to this question. I’m having issues finding an answer via the builder or the coding.

You should be more specific (perhaps the reason the original poster didn’t get a response).

All stimuli have position attributes, and so can be located anywhere on screen. So it isn’t too clear what the issue being reported here is.