DotStim motion displacement is not computer properly

Hello there. I am using PsychoPy 1.82.01 to present several RDKs.

There is a bug report (#781) on GitHub about incorrect displacement of dots in DotStim class: the new position per frame seems to be scaled by the field size so that, e.g., for motion speed of 1 dva/s the actual presented speed is fieldSize*1 dva/s.

I can confirm this bug. So, I am wondering has this been resolved in the newer PsychoPy versions? If not, are there any plans to do so? This bug affects the RDK presentation dramatically.

Cheers, Dragan

Ah, this does indeed look like a bug - sorry it flew past me. I’ll try and get it fixed for the upcoming 1.85 release

I think this is now fixed in