Adding jsPsych code to PsychoJS code in Pavlovia?

Apologies if this is a silly question, I’m quite new to this.

I’ve built an experiment in Psychopy builder to add to pavlovia (which automatically converts the python script to PsychoJS?). I’ve found a plug in (virtual-chinrest - jsPsych) that I want to add to the start of my experiment, but the plug in is written with jsPsych.

How do I integrate this plug in into my experiment?


Hi, there is psychoPY code that performs the same functions.

Phase 1 of that plugin is nicely performed by this code created by Wakefield Morys-Carter: Pavlovia

Phase 2 of that plugin can be performed by easy eye’s calibrator’s distance tracking mode:

Hi Tim, thanks for your reply. I’ve managed to set up the screen scale part in my experiment. For the distance measure, I was looking to be able to integrate it into the same pavlovia task rather than link to an external site using a webcam. Thanks though!