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Adding a mic response generates an error

Hi everyone! I had my experiment working well but when I tried adding a microphone response (mic_1), the program crushes when it gets to that step of the experiment. Anyone has any idea why this could be happening?
It would be really useful for the data that I am collecting to have that response recorded.

Thank you very much!


Hi Jessica, have you managed to solve this? I don’t have a solution but have a similar problem with the experiment crashing after one or two trials and there is no error message. If you have solved it could you post the solution please?


Hi Tanya. Have you managed to solve your problem? I am having the same exact issue with the mic component (with a stop duration specified in seconds). Psychopy crashes after the 3rd or 4th trial and there is no error message.

Unfortunately I could not solve this problem. For a couple of weeks the experiment worked but then it started crushing again.

No luck for me either. I went ahead and created a new posting specifying my problem (Specifying stop duration value with mic component causes Psychopy to crash with no error message) but i have had no responses yet.

Rose, at first I tried clicking the “stereo” option inside the mic response configuration box and I think it worked for a couple of weeks with that. Have you tried that? Maybe your trouble will be solved. But now I have a new error and I have also made a new topic

Have you tried updating to the latest version of PsychoPy? I believe v3.1.3 addresses some of the mic problems from earlier versions. Updating stopped my experiment from crashing.