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Microphone response generates an error (Unicode warning)

Hi everyone! I’m using the Psychopy Version 1.82.01

The problem with my experiment started when I added a microphone response. At first, I had an error that said " ‘None type’ object is not callable" and I changed the order of the stimulus and I clicked on the “stereo” option inside the mic response configuration box and I thought I could solved it. The experiment ran without any trouble for a couple of times and then it started crushing again.

However, now I got different errors. At first, when I start running the experiment I have the error that appears in the black box. Although the appearance of this error or note I am able to run the experiment and it works well until it gets to the part where the microphone response has to start. At that moment, the experiment crushes and it gives the second error box that I am uploading here.

I will really appreciate some help to solve this problem because I really need this mic response to work for a control group important to finish my thesis.

Thank you very much everyone who reads and spends time on my topic.

PsychoPy version (e.g. 1.82.01.x):