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Adding a font type

I am running an experiment on version 1.84.2 of PsychoPy.
I wish to display text in the Aharoni font. However, this works only on one computer but not on others (yet, I am able to display other fonts, such as Arial, in those computers). In all computers I am using win 10, and in those in which displaying this font does not work, the font does seem to exist in other programs such as Power Point or Word.
How can I add a font?

My guess is that the font is installed on one computer but not the others. There’s two solutions:

  1. Install the font on all systems. Google how to do it for your operating system.

  2. You can add the font file (probably “aharoni.ttf”) to your experiment folder and then specify that as the font in your TextStim.

     my_text = visual.TextStim(win, text='Look, this is the Aharoni font!', font='aharoni.ttf')
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